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What We Offer

All paint work begins by working on a flawless surface, free from dirt, grease, and any other material that may interfere with an immaculate finish. Super Auto Dent ​painters then prep and prime the repair area. Once the primer has cured, our painters achieve a smooth surface by sanding and prepping for paint.

Painters then mix the colored basecoat to match the vehicle’s color and spray the vehicle with precision to match the factory finish. After the basecoat is ready for topcoat, the clear coat is applied. This restores the vehicle’s natural gloss finish back to its factory appearance. Super Auto Dent takes paint seriously. We offer the very latest computerized paint-matching software. With this and our 10+ years of experienced technicians, we will be able to match your paint color and finish without any issues.

These means our painters are professionally trained and certified. Plus, we provide our painters with top quality refinishing products that are globally recognized and used by the best auto professionals in the industry.

The Art Of Auto Painting

Super Auto Dent takes great pride in painting. In fact, we like to think of the trade as an art.

Many believe painting your vehicle is a simple, one-step process, but it’s actually an intricate procedure that requires precision, expertise, professional training, and exactitude. From extensive, complete body paint jobs to individual panels, our technicians understand exactly how to assess and execute your paint job with accuracy.

Super Auto Dent painters begin the process by making sure they’re working on a flawlessly clean surface, removing all dirt, grease, and other materials that get in the way of an immaculate finish. Then they begin prepping the vehicle for primer. After the primer has been applied and cured and the area has been sanded down, the surface is ready to be prepped for paint.

To ensure a factory finish, our technicians mix the colored basecoat to match the vehicle’s color and spray the vehicle with the exact match. After the basecoat is ready for topcoat, the clear coat is applied. This restores the vehicle’s natural gloss finish to its factory appearance.
If there are any blemishes left after painting, our painters lightly sand and polish any affected areas to a perfect shine.

Whether it’s a tiny scrape or a large gash, Super Auto Dent has the tools and latest paint-matching technology and software to make sure your paint is a seamless match.

Car Bumper Repair Service

Bumpers made from thermoplastics are created by melting many small plastic pellets and then injecting the melted plastic into a mold. Once the mold is cooled, the bumper is then released from the mold, and the new bumper is manufactured. Because thermoplastics are so flexible, easy to reuse and recycle, and cost-effective, most plastic bumper covers tend to be thermoplastic.

​Bumpers made from semi-rigid, or thermoset, plastics are created by injecting two different polymer materials together, permanently crosslinking to each other in a mold. The resulting bumper is durable, but requires the correct knowledge to repair properly.

Bring your damaged bumper to Super Auto Dent and we’ll repair it to look brand new. Plus, as always, our technicians use the latest repair tools and back their work with Super Auto Dent’s lifetime guarantee.

“The man is amazing. He explained everything to me and was so nice and patient. He did a wonderful job. I highly recommend him.”

Sara J.

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Your accurate estimates will safe you time and money from having to visit multiple body shops.


Quality long lasting paint for your automobile will help resell value and pride of ownership for years to come.


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